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Associate App Design

This is a concept for an associate-facing app for a grocery store. I sought to make the associate experience exciting and fun in hopes of making work a little more enjoyable for them.

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The Problem

The associate experience is extremely dated with terrible user experience, and lacks any real tie to the larger brand visually. With so many stores nationwide, it is critical that employees feel like they tangibly are a part of something bigger and connected to the larger experience. To make work exciting and connected, we needed to re-think the experience to be more helpful and engaging, and to build community. 


I was given many different journey maps to consider and some roughed out user flows, but the main screen I was asked to focus on was the home screen dashboard. I asked myself - How might we make the homescreen a place where they can do all their work, but also be excited about their work.   


I was given content and primary actions that should be available. I worked through prioritization of this content and landed:


 1. Inform & Excite- This top portion is highly personalized and surfaces a gamified task tracker illustration with quick links to their most important tasks. These work together to get them excited about their day, and let them know what they need to do. 

2. Engage - This middle section is less peronalized information about their store. It can build some excitement but is generally there to keep them engaged and remind them they are a part of something bigger.

3. Support - This last section is the most general section, and least personalized, however the content is there to support the employee and help them with any additional needs. This felt like a nice way to close out their homescreen experience because it is a reminder that they are cared for, and it empowers the employee.

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