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#Birding Boulevard

I created an augmented reality experience to drive awareness of local bird species, and promote an interest in the environment.


Birding Boulevard is a linear educational game about local bird species. Amara is the first interaction a user has, and is there to inform the user of the purpose of the experience.

The experience is made of six 2D bird images set in Z-space to create a feeling of depth. Each bird has an animated button which reveals information about the species.

At the end there is a pop-quiz, and if answered correctly, a surprise reward of a whimsical photo-op is revealed.  


Purple CTAs

Bright purple was chosen as the color to indicate interaction because it stands out well against light blue and green, which is important since this experience is intended to be used outside. They also animate in, and radiate a glow to help with visual accessibility against potentially complex backgrounds. They are given a shaded appearance so they feel more tappable.

Information Bubbles

The bubbles triggered on tap have a white background to provide optimal legibility. The Purple outline is to help separate it should the background be brighter that day.


Key Screens


Entry Point

Purple balloons

Balloons are used to call attention to the experience and drive engagement. Purple was chosen again because it stands out well in the environments this experience is intended for. It also ties in nicely with the experience itself by using the same color as the CTAs.  

Welcome Signs

The balloons are tied to welcome signs that provide basic set-up instructions.


The title of the piece was chosen because currently there are no experiences using this tag allowing for easier engagement tracking.

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