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Store Details Refresh

The stores details page were originally built mostly to support SEO, however once we received data that showed the pages received way more traffic than we knew, we decided they needed a redesign.


Align on updates to store detail pages across platforms for optimized SEO + customer experience


Current store detail pages are outdated and failing to help our customers access key information and improve search traffic /conversion.

Benchmark Current Design

C5570S2823_Questionnaire_Q1_Chart Copy.jpg

Think back to the last time you wanted information about a grocery store near you. Rank the following items in order of importance if you were to see them on the store's webpage.

Store hours
Store's phone number
Ability to see Weekly Ad
Ability to see Sale Items
Pharmacy's phone number

image (26).png

Customer Jourey & HMW

Using the current experience as a base for the current journey we then moved on to HMW's

Screen Shot 2022-02-04 at 9.07.51 AM.png

HMW add calls to action to in-store services & promotions?

HMW optimize for larger regions like state and metro?

HMW add store-specific content linking out to linking out to valubale content?

HMW create a "hub" for the stores details

Competitive analysis








First Design

image (10).jpeg
image (4).jpeg
image (3).jpeg

Testing Feedback

Desktop had more negative ('confusing', 'too busy') comments than mobile or native.

Native and mobile had virtually no negative comments.

Directions prominent on mobile & native but not desktop

Pickup order & savings prominent across the board

Savings / sale items seem easy for customers to find

Final web designs 

2 - Desktop Copy 5.jpg

Final native designs 

2- Native1 Copy 5.jpg
2 - Mobile Copy 5.jpg
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