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Formulator & Buyer 

These illustrations are for print B2B print ads done for ExxonMobil's Synthetics line. The first speaks to formulators (the chemists developing the products) whose biggest pain point is time, and the second speaks to buyers (the people deciding what products their company needs) who need to feel proud of their purchasing decisions. 

Tune Out Email

How do you depict the abstract idea of life's stresses so that it's quickly recognizable within an illustration that younger women will find compelling? Well, phones make me feel like I need to be available 24/7, and thats stressful, and the article discusses bubble-baths, and that's cute. So, I used those items with a strong color scheme to tie it all together! 

Submitted for an Addy Award

Spring Break Packing List

These illustrations all show different types of spring breaks you might have, while also showing some of the more common scnearios that could happen on spring break. The challenge here was to naturally integrate product into these scenes.

Hair through the decades

These illustrations depict different popular American American hairstyles throughout history. The backgrounds help inform the viewer of what time these hairstyles were popularized. 

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